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More QE in Japan, markets rally

QE might be ending in the U.S. but the BOJ and the EU are taking the reigns

A few days ago U.S. investors considered the idea of selling equity shares on news of the end of the government's quantitative easing program.  However, they quickly changed their minds and opted to continue aggressively buying stocks.  As it turns out, that was a great move....QE isn't dead after all, we are simply going to let other countries do the dirty work from…


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Halloween Super Special, Silver and Gold at rock bottom prices thanks to Japan’s QE

Good Morning Fiat-Nam!   Let’s see what do we have on the board today?   Ah yes,  the almighty American Peso is up again,   Wow!   What do you think of that?   Let’s see why is it up?   Jobs,  Income inflation,  another must have American made product?   Nope,  The US Dollar is trading at 86.685,  up another 45.3 points after reaching 86.83 just after Japan announced its added version of QE into the world’s money pit,  which of course means more liquidity being…


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High Frequency Trading Patterns

HFTs Front Running

There has been plenty of talk about High Frequency Traders HFTs front running everyone in the market, ever since the Flash Boys book came out. The SEC is investigating and discussing how best to manage these computer generated orders, but it will take time to develop any sort of reasonable, realistic, and enforceable rules and regulations governing one of the more infamous Market Participant Groups. Will the HFTs ever disappear? Not by…


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Ebola fears are around. There are people taking advantage of the situation, selling everything from masks and body suits to vitamins. I wrote an article for Barron's Online with some low $ cost/low risk strategic ideas on how investors and traders can also profit. Check it out. …


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So, they stopped printing money huh? LOLOLOL, Better have Silver, Gold, and Crypto’s

   The almighty American Peso has been our subject for a long time now,  with all the shenanigans used behind the scenes in order to support a fiat that everyone else is no longer using because of manipulations.   The Dollar has been pushed up once again in a direction it logically doesn’t want to go with its trade now at 86.30,  up 26.4 points after reaching a high of 86.535 during the London session.   Yesterday,  The Feral Reserve made its announcement with much…


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DJTA SETS A NEW ALL-TIME HIGH -- Bull Market Continues

All things need to be shipped and people need to be moved, that is why to us the Dow Jones Transportation Average (DJTA) is important. Tuesday the average rose to a new all-time high, backing our thesis that the downturn in the market was a correction and not the start of a new bear market. Speculation is on the rise. The Russell 2000 Index (RUT) had a stellar move and the risk indicators dropped sharply. While we remain defensive we are getting a little more adventurous as Halloween…


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FOMC data spewed today keeping Silver, Gold, and Cryptos, in check (for now)

The instability of currencies is starting to show,  especially after the three month rally the US Dollar had against the other western backed currencies from the beginning in July thru the end of Sept.   The trade has been faltering since that spike and even though many will argue that the currency is still holding on,  its apparent the manipulations have run its course as we wait for the FOMC’s BS data report telling us how wonderful they are at printing money and…


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25 failed Euro-stress test banks depositors at risk. Got Silver, Gold, and Crypto’s?

   The US Dollar is trading at 85.650,  up 8.9 points after being down as low as 85.53 with its high right at 85.75.   Treasuries are weaker across the board in the early morning as we still remain focused on the 30 Year Bond spike 2 weeks ago and the subsequent weakness since.   Russia and China are taking on more and more countries willing to trade outside the US Dollar’s bully system and that,  my friends,  is taking a toll on the Dollars support system.…


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A look at the seasonal investment calendar says that this week should be the end of the traditional week three month and six month periods of the year. So will the Bears be scared back into hibernation for another Bull run into the end of the year? We think the market will move higher, and there is increasing probability of most benchmarks setting new highs, especially the large-cap indices and averages.However, we do not believe, at this time, that we will see the momentum we saw last year.…


Added by Scott Fullman on October 27, 2014 at 5:50am — No Comments

Better be holding Silver and Gold as the Euro-Stress-test shows plenty of failures

The US Dollar is steady in the early morning as the London “lift” is put into place with the trade at 85.700 down 11.8 points after sliding down to 85.540 before the support arrived.   Treasuries are steady but giving unclear signals with the 30 Year Bond trading higher as the 10 Year Note posts negative numbers at the same time Eurodollars seem to not be moving at all.   We’re still in the belief that the spike and subsequent collapse in the 30 year Bond has done…


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Texas Passes its Intrastate Crowdfunding Law with a Unanimous Vote



Texas Passes its Intrastate Crowdfunding Law with a Unanimous Vote

The Texas Securities Board voted unanimously yesterday to pass the proposed Texas Intrastate…

Added by Michael Yorba on October 24, 2014 at 10:45am — No Comments


Each time a headline about an Ebola case in the US hits the tape Bulls back away. There is a large concern that there will be a major quarantine or that consumers will stop shopping for fear of contracting the disease. While it is a terrible disease, the risk of catching it, according to officials, is limited. However the media and ll the talk and hype are evidently scaring citizens, and having a negative influence on the markets. This short-term reaction may provide opportunities for…


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Silver and Gold trade positive as Ebola hits Illinois, New York, & Conn.

The US Dollar,  the focus for everyone in the know,  is still trading at a lofty height of 85.915,  down 3.1 points inside a trading range of 86.015 and 85.830.   It’s still amazing how this currency,  which is attached to nothing and is printed on a daily basis because the government cannot live within its own tax revenues,  can stay elevated.   This is going to change and the only question left is “when”?   Treasuries are in serious trouble as we still remain…


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Dark Pools Myths And Facts

There is a fascination with Dark Pools by the retail crowd and Main Street. The mere name "Dark Pools" conjures up all kinds of images that are invariably inaccurate. Many individual investors believe that Dark Pools are designed to take advantage of them. Retail traders often assume that the Dark Pools are like the Market Makers once were perceived, lurking to take them out of a trade at a loss.…


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Is the year-end equity rally already in the works?

Two people with Ebola triggers mass hysteria in the markets, but a Dr. in NYC and others (potentially) with the virus resulted in a mere pause in the buying.

Recent trade in the equity and bond markets are a perfect example of just how irrational markets can be.  Further, that market prices are driven by emotion and margin motivation far more than logic. 

The same news that lured investors to sell their holdings last week (Ebola) are…


Added by Carley Garner on October 23, 2014 at 3:20pm — No Comments


Continuing with our discussion, one of the Characteristics of a Correction is the increased sensitivity to negative news. This was evident by the markets response to the shooting in Ottawa, Canada. The benchmarks immediately turned lower as selling pressure increased, ending the four day winning streak. Implied volatility also jumped, and there were some speculators taking positions on further increases in risk premiums. 

Added by Scott Fullman on October 23, 2014 at 5:20am — No Comments

Silver and Gold have only one way to go, UP!! As debt instruments decay

  The US Dollar’s trade remains supported by those inside the banking system with the trade now at 85.630,  up 22.6 points and just like all the other days of the year so far,  it’s done only while we’re asleep.   Fundamentally,  our Dollar is as bankrupt as our government is when it comes to truth or trust.   Treasuries have flat lined since last week’s disruptive spike occurred.   We still believe that a major event occurred and that this will require the Feral…


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