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Tracking Institutional Investors

Quiet Accumulation/Distribution Indicators

The task of finding a simple reliable method for tracking the quiet accumulation of institutional investors in the stock market was no small feat for me many years ago. Market indicators track mostly indexes, advancing versus declining stocks, breadth, and so on which all basically track price action. But quiet…


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Trading Range Resistance Analysis

How Price And Volume Reflect Resistance Strength

Support and Resistance are hugely important to retail and technical traders who are seeking to take advantage of the sudden velocity moves out of Trading Ranges and other sideways price action. Learning to identify when the price and volume patterns are showing sufficient strength for a breakout move, are critical…


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Day Trading vs Position Trading

Comparison Between Styles, Costs, And Profits

Although “Day Trading” is the most widely talked about trading style for retail traders (YOU), it is the least profitable of all the short term trading styles. This is a little known fact that no one ever tells retail traders when they start to learn to trade.…


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About The Options Market

SEC Denied Exchange Rebate Program Results

Through a stunning decision last summer that helped clarify why Options trading will continue to be a much fairer market for all levels of Market Participant Groups, the SEC denied the Nasdaq OMX Group a request to offer their largest clients rebates for one of its Options exchanges. This rebate was intended to be based upon the…


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About HFTs And Dark Pools In Automated Market

Market Changes Impact Price And Volume Analysis

The Financial Markets have been undergoing massive internal structural changes that are impacting price and volume action, that retail traders depend upon due to their use of charts and technical indicators for stock pick selection and trading.…


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How To Use Stochastic Ideally

Two New Indicator Patterns In Automated Market

Stochastic is a true oscillator, meaning it was designed to track Overbought/Oversold conditions. That means it works ideally in a Sideways or Trading Range Market Condition, and fails during a Trending Market Condition. Oscillators help retail traders identify areas where a turn in a stock may occur. Most true oscillators have two horizontal lines on the chart to show the…


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Velocity Runs & Western Candlestick Patterns

New Candlestick Patterns In Today’s Market

A Velocity Market Condition is one of the shortest of the 6 Primary Market Conditions. The reason that a Velocity Condition is so brief is because of how fast price moves, how…

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How To Identify Dark Pool Rotation Patterns

Downside Action In The Automated Stock Market

Recently  the news media for the retail side of the market stated that the correction the market was experiencing during that week was caused by “investors reaction to the dollar value rising and the risk of the Feds raising interest rates.”…


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Buy the dips in the S&P?

Buy the dips in the S&P?

It is a little scary to see…


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The ever changing financial firms

From robots to professional partners, the financial firms are making interesting changes in their reach to help grow assets under management.  Thoughts?

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Stock Market Order Flow

About Trading In The Automated Market

Order flow is the processing of the billions of orders placed in the stock market. Since the advent of faster computers in the late 1990’s and the NASDAQ and NYSE going almost completely automated, order flow is now much faster and almost totally dependent upon computers to match orders rather than market makers and human intervention. This is both good and bad at times.…


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About Penny Stock Risks

Trading And Investing For Beginners

Many retail traders and individual investors are fascinated with the potential for huge profits from “Penny Stocks” but fail to understand the risks involved in buying these publicly traded companies which are not listed on the exchanges for a variety of reasons.…


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Contrarian Patterns Warn Top Is Coming

About Market Participant Groups For Beginners
Often for beginners the market reversing and heading down into a correction is a complete surprise or shock. They are not expecting the turn, nor are they prepared for it. Fortunately for retail traders there are plenty of indicators that can warn of a top, before it actually occurs. These can be Contrarian Patterns.…

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Kids And The Stock Market

Investing For The Future

For birthdays and holidays parents and grandparents are rushing around trying to find that perfect toy for their children or grandchildren. Most of those toys will be broken or discarded before the year is over, and many cost…


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5 Rules Interpreting Volume Patterns

Volume Is A Leading Indicator

High Frequency Trading and Dark Pools are a frequent topic in stock news, and many retail traders wonder how they can have an advantage against HFTs. The easiest way to front run the HFTs is to understand the Volume Patterns of the Dark Pools, which precede sudden huge HFT runs and gaps.…


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Hybrid Lindsay Forecast for a Low


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Don Worden’s Amazing Indicators

Balance Of Power, Time Segmented Volume, and MoneyStream Lead Price

The best indicators ever written for our modern markets are not MACD, Average Directional Index ADX, Average Range, Volume Accumulation Percent VAP, or Ichimoku Cloud but those special and remarkable indicators written by Don Worden of Worden Bros.…


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