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Hot money is chasing stocks higher, Merry Christmas!

Say what you want about the economy, the stock market looks good (for now)

There is plenty of dissension regarding the U.S. economy. Whether you are a bull or bear on the economy, it is important to understand that the direction of the stock market doesn't always follow the economy.  Those trading near the peak of the market in 2007/2008 will tell you that just as the economy looked the brightest is when it all came crashing down.  Similarly, the…


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Triple Witch Week closes with Silver and Gold trading higher as Snoopy gets punked

Today we close out the Triple Witch Week as the bankers do a complete inventory check and rollover of all debt instruments with the 30 Year Bond and 10 Year Notes closing out today,  finalizing the end of the year’s manipulations.   The US…


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Triple Witch Day, Patience, and the surprise rally in Precious Metals

The US Dollar is always pushed higher when the Fed chairman speaks in public,  regardless of how confusing her words are.   The Dollar trade now stands at 89.145,  down 17.6 points after charging up to 89.595 during the London trade.   Of…


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An Inside Look At Small Funds Buy Strategies

Why And How Volume Weighted Average Price  Is Used

How the professional side buys and sells stocks and funds is completely different than how individual investors and retail traders buy stocks. Mutual Funds managers, whether they are a one man operation or a huge corporation, do not buy or sell stocks like the retail crowd. To increase success as an individual investor or retail trader, understanding how the professional side buys stocks is one of the most critical areas of…


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2015- The Prophetic 7 year Shemitah Cycle and Blood Moons


I’m excited to announce the recording of a NEW presentation called

2015 The Prophetic Shemitah Cycle and the Blood Moons.

It is based on the findings of Jonathan Cahn in his book The Harbinger, the discovery of the 4 Blood Moons on significant Jewish Holidays by Mark Blitz and of course, the teachings of W.D. Gann and Biblical Prophecy.

2015 will be a very eventful year with the…


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The bankers trough just got smaller as Silver and Gold trade higher

The US Dollar is trading at 88.435,  up 13.8 points after one heck of a day’s activity that saw the US 30 Year Bond reach and exceed the life of contract that occurred on Oct 15th and the removal of Russia from the FX system because of their attempt to bring in foreign buyers by raising their interest rates to 17%.   Shutting down Russia Ruble exchange abilities with the G7 is the final nail in the coffin (imo) for the US Dollar.   Russia knew what was…


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Use Fundamental Indicators For Investing And Trading

The Professional Trader Market Participant Has Returned

For the past 6 years the financial services industry has been focused solely on reducing latency in their quest for high speed, and efficient performance in their trading. Often times the automation of the markets has been confused with High Frequency Trading HFT.  Many times reporters have mistakenly used the percentage of automated orders as HFT orders. This has caused plenty of confusion, misinformation, and misleading…


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Money Flowing In And Out Of A Stock

Professionals often speak of money flowing in or out of a stock, but how can that be if there are an equal number of buyers and sellers?

Money flow is the balance of the lot sizes. At most times there are four positions in any one stock which are Buy, Buy-to-Cover, Sell, and Sell Short. Each of investor and trader in the stock has their own separate agenda. Each may come from a different Market Participant Group, and there are now nine of these groups in the stock market including…


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The significant drop in oil prices has taken the thrust out of the seasonal Santa Claus Rally and appears to be impacting the prognosis for the economy next year. Deflationary pressures may keep interest rates from rising, indicating by the drop for the yield on the benchmark 10-year T-note down to 2.04% at this writing. The S&P 500 Index (SPX), Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), and Russell 2000 Index (RUT) all broke their 50-day moving averages Monday, a negative technical signal.…


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The day started off negative but Gold blows thru to newer highs

The last day for the December US Dollar is upon us with the trade at 88.140,  down 54.2 points and 10 points off its low so far.   A few hours from now the March contract will be the quoting point for all the talking heads including me.   Treasuries show support in the early morning as we may have gotten a clue as to what caused that Oct 15th spike in the 30 Year Bond as word is coming out that both China and Russia have been dumping US Equities to the…


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Fundamental, Technical, and Quantitative Analysis Compared

Controversy, deeply disparaging perspectives, and the stifling of new theories swirls around the three most critical areas of stock analysis. Each analytical theory has merits and flaws, obscure concepts that lack empirical evidence to prove or disprove the theories, and yet each also has universally accepted principles that have stood the test of time as well as history.  

Each type of stock analysis is so utterly unique from the other that it is extremely rare to see any analyst who…


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Triple Witch Week in Pottersville keeps Precious Metals lower

   Today is the start of the Triple Witch Week,  a week long period in which the bankers roll over all their debt instruments into the next quarters run with all Currencies except the US Dollar getting rolled over today.   The December US Dollar contract,  which is now trading at 88.525,…


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On Friday we told readers that risk was extremely high, and noted the negative divergences from the options markets. We suggested the use of hedging strategies ahead of the sharp decline on Friday. Want to find out what we are thinking today? Email sfullman@increasingalpha.net.

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The Overlooked Indicator Bollinger BandWidth

View Compression Patterns Most Easily In The Automated Market

John Bollinger has created some of the most valuable price envelope style indicators for our modern automated marketplace. What makes his indicators so strong is that they were created during the huge Market Structural changes of the last couple of decades. Bollinger Bands® are an excellent tool for helping traders who struggle to interpret candlestick patterns and price action accurately. There are Bollinger Bands…


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Setting up for the Triple Witch and Silver and Golds new trading limits

The US Dollar is dropping with the trade at 88.26,  down 42.2 points and at its lows so far.   Today is the last trading day before the Triple Witch Week starts,  which sets things up for the roll overs of all fiat instruments.   This is the giant bankers inventory accounting process that occurs every quarter.   Treasury Instruments are part of the issue as we see the support mechanism coming in once again while we sleep and after yesterday’s bond sales failures.…


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The Triple Witch Week is coming, and so are the rollovers

Triple Witch Week is next week and the first things to be rolled over on Monday,  are the fiat currencies of the G7 with the US Dollar roll over on Tuesday.   Today the Dollar still seems to be way over valued because it’s the currency of choice at present and is trading at 88.250,  down 5.2 points after it broke thru another set of 00’s when it hit a low of 87.935 before the morning support system kicked in.   News is out claiming the US tax system racked in a huge…


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The markets might be down from their highs but we are taking profits on 12 Increasing Alpha Trading Ideas this morning. Our ability to find outperforming stocks and ETFs, combined with our strategy creations, have produced 12 winners, each with at least a double-digit performance. Want to learn more about our ideas, contact me at sfullman@increasingalpha.net.

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