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How to Interpret Linear Regression Slope Lines

Price Fluctuation Revealed
Linear Regression Slope Lines can provide a visual interpretation of price that is far superior to any moving average. Instead of applying the lines to the price, the lines can be set below the price chart to maintain the integrity of the analysis of the…

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About High Frequency Traders

Market Makers and Maker Takers

High Frequency Traders HFTs have become synonymous with high speed trading but is not necessarily the same thing, and have been the center of a heated debate that…


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April Low in Equities

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Volatility vs. Velocity Stock Price

Short Term Traders Should Focus On Velocity

There is plenty of confusion among traders between volatility action and velocity moves in stock prices.…


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Anatomy Of A Stock Bottom

Candlestick Patterns and Large Lot Indicators

Short term bottoms are often a sideways pattern that slowly rises out of the low. Sometimes it is hard to see this as a bottom developing, because price is moving in such a choppy up and down pattern each day. One great way to decide whether a bottom is underway or not, is to use TechniTrader® Quiet Accumulation TTQA indicator…


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Who Is In Control Of XOM Price

Market Participants Revealed On Stock Charts

With oil prices still fluctuating around 45-50 dollars, many retail and technical traders have been attempting to sell short big name oil stocks as well as small cap oil stocks. Selling short most oil stocks has become a higher risk trade. Here is why.…


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Sell 5-Year note futures contract, buy a call option for insurance

This recommendation was emailed to DeCarley Trading brokerage clients on April 17th 2015

***There is substantial risk of loss in trading futures and options.**

****Past performance is not indicative of future results**Five Year Note Futures, limited risk, bearish strategy

On the radar:

* A minor flare up in Greece concern seems to have created a high probability bearish opportunity Treasuries.  We like the idea of…


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5 Techniques Find Stocks Faster

Tips For Investing And Trading

One of the daunting tasks for many new or novice investors and retail traders is finding stocks to invest in long term or to trade. Right now there are over 9500 different listed stocks, Over-the-Counter OTC stocks, and Exchange Traded Funds ETFs that you could buy. That’s way too many to study. …


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Wilder’s Relative Strength Index With Bollinger Bands

Improves Candlestick Chart Analysis

Wilder’s Relative Strength Index RSI is far superior to all other price oscillators due to the fact that it not only oscillates, but it also is a relational comparative indicator. As a comparative indicator, it has far more signals and patterns that form on a candlestick chart than any other price oscillator. As a relational indicator, the relationship between RSI and line volume as well as other indicators, is extremely useful for finding…


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It's hard to deny the S&P 500 bull

Next week's calendar is busy

Not only will the earnings season be in full bloom next week, but traders will have the opportunity to react to a substantial number of data points.  Some of the notable events will be Tuesday's retail sales, Wednesday's Fed Beige Book, Thursday's housing starts, and Friday's CPI. 

If the recent downturn in economic data was, in fact, weather related as many economists suggested, we should see things firm in the…


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MACD False Signals

Popular Indicator Whipsaw Trades

MACD is one of the most popular indicators for retail traders and is used in numerous charting software systems to create red sell signals and green buy signals. Unfortunately, MACD often gives false signals that result in a losing trade. Many traders struggle to understand which MACD signals are reliable and which are not, but often the…


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Average True Range ATR Indicator Analysis

All About ATR Indicator In Stockcharts

ATR can be highly useful for technical traders who trade stocks, and stock or index options. It can work similarly to implied volatility and thus is particularly useful for options traders.…


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The Power In Platform Patterns

Sideways Candlesticks Of Dark Pool Buying

The "Platform" is a relatively new Sideways Pattern that is becoming more and more prevalent as Dark Pool activity increases. Dark…


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5 Degrees Of Separation Between Traders

Boost Profit Potential

Professional traders enjoy a very high success rate and profitability. Proprietary desk traders earn huge commissions on their trades, and independent professionals make excellent incomes as well. Their rate of successful trades to losing trades is an 85-90% average. …


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Diversification For Investing

How To Properly Diversify                                 

Nearly every long term investor wants to know about diversification for their portfolio. The classic “diversified portfolio” was not intended to be the best method to increase wealth for the individual investor portfolio. What it is designed to do is to protect an investor from catastrophic losses. The theory goes that if one area of the market is collapsing,…


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Cloud Technology & Financial Services

Investing Opportunities Rise

Now that the majority of financial services companies believe the banking crisis of 2008 is over, the post crisis rebuilding has been underway. Many Financial Services companies are in the same or worse predicament as other sectors and businesses as far as the technology used in their enterprises. Their entire infrastructure of computers,…


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Wilder’s RSI vs Stochastic Indicator

Exposing Bottoming Strength Prior To Gaps

Stochastic is the most popular of all of the Price Oscillators available for stock chart analysis.  Indicators should be set up for your own personal trading style and trading parameters. Being as specialized and proprietary as you can possibly be with your own unique set of trading indicators is a huge plus, and gives you a…


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